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We provide green products and believe in helping the environment.  We carry an exceptional array of green products from all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner and floor cleaner. 

We believe in natural products, such as Melaleuca, and a

few others out there that meet our standards.  Our goal is to freshen up your home naturally, and provide that service at no extra cost!  Not like other companies that charge you extra. 

These products are something we have used for years, not just because everyone else is doing it. 

"Elbow Grease"

One of our favorite green cleaners is good old fashioned "elbow grease". 

Remember when our Grandmothers used elbow grease to clean and polish? 

Well, we have learned a lot from our Grandmothers and continue in that tradition today. 

Elbow grease is not for sale...can't find it on the market,

but we use it.  And it's as pure as Grandma ever was! 

We grease the entire San Francisco area, Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, Los Altos Hills, Atherton, Sausalito, Peninsula, Oakland... the entire Bay Area!

Green Cleaning Guarantee